Early Childhood & After School Program
605R/595 Broadway
Malden, Ma. 02148
Phone: 781-324-2028
PROGRAM HOURS: 7:30am-6:00pm & OFFICE HOURS: 8:30am-5:00pm

Family Testimonials

Metro North Children's Learning Center  
605 Broadway, Malden, Ma. 02148
(781) 324-2028
Program Hours: 7:30-6:00  Office Hours: 8:30-5:00 
Early Childhood Program & After School Program

We have collected over 25 testimonials from families currently enrolled in our programs.  Below you can read what some of our families had to say.  They may have shared their favorites memories, something their child loves about the program, or just a quote.  Enjoy!

We also asked some of the school age kids to share what they think about our program, we have some children currently enrolled who started with us as young as 2.9years old.  Our children have grown with us, creating a very unique community that has been built on a sense of trust, respect, and kindness we share with one another.

Family Testimonials:

"Great teachers! I know the teachers genuinely care about my child.  I know she is safe, and cared for when she is at the CLC.  I receive great feedback about both her social and emotional development.  The school functions such as the "ice cream social" are also very fun for our entire family!" -Early Childhood Parent

"Very structured  and consistent schedule for the children.  I know my child is safe, happy, and well taken care of while I am at work, and I don't need to worry at all.  My child loves talking about his day, he is happy to tell us about what he is learning, and loves the field trips!  No turnovers with the teaching staff, they are excellent, and seem to take pride in their positions.  The development of my child's character and what he is learning are all very important to me." -Early Childhood Parent

"Our grandson started at the Children's Learning Center in Sept 2011.  We love the school!  He has learned so much and surprises us with something new everyday.  His teacher is the best!  It has been our families best decision to come here, we are really the lucky ones.  Thank you!!" - Early Childhood Family

"My children love the teachers at the Children's Learning Center.  I love the feeling of community/family I get every time I walk into the CLC." -Early Childhood Family

"I just love the way the teachers interact and speak to my kids.  They treat all the children here as their own.  Since my son has been coming here, he has become a better student.  It was the best decision we made coming to the CLC."    -Early Childhood Family

"My son loves going to the Metro North Children's Learning Center, as he has made so many new friends.  He has learned to play so many sports, and the staff are very patient when teaching the younger children the rules and the techniques for these sports. It is a great atmosphere, the teachers are great with helping with homework, they are great with going over any academic problems my child may encounter during the day at his public school.  Overall the teachers are wonderful in the school age program and everyone should send their child to the CLC.  - "After School Parent" 

"I want to express just how happy we are with the Metro North Children's Learning Center! From the time Rianna first entered the CLC in the Early Childhood program to where she is now, in the After School Program we have been consistently happy with the staff and quality of care they provide to her.  I feel that everyone is committed to seeing each child excel.  We appreciate the pride that is taken in maintaining a great school and the commitment of the staff for hosting wonderful activities such as the ice cream social, and the summer BBQ each year.  I believe that the commitment of education shown by all her teachers has contributed greatly to Rianna not only doing so well in first grade this year, but loving school and learning.  All of this and more affirm each and every day that we made the best choice by selecting the CLC for our daughters education.  Thank you again and we look forward to continuing to see Rianna grow with you." -After School Parents, Colleen & Steve 

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