Early Childhood & After School Program
605R/595 Broadway
Malden, Ma. 02148
Phone: 781-324-2028
PROGRAM HOURS: 7:30am-6:00pm & OFFICE HOURS: 8:30am-5:00pm


Metro North Children's Learning Center  
605 Broadway, Malden, Ma. 02148
(781) 324-2028
Program Hours: 7:30-6:00  Office Hours: 8:30-5:00 
Early Childhood Program & After School Program
  • Please find the contact information for your child's classroom teacher below.  Our staff typically check their e-mails in the morning, and before they leave for the day.  If you need to get in touch with someone at the Metro North Children's Learning Center quickly, calling our main phone number is the best option.

  • For current families with billing questions, please e-mail Roz at - Rmann42@aol.com

605 Broadway
Main Office: 781-324-2028             Fax: 781-324-3578
  Roz Mann- Rmann42@aol.com
Beth Handren- Bethjh3@aol.com

School Age Program Coordinator: 
Amanda Hebert - Amandah.clc@gmail.com

Early Childhood Classrooms:
PreSchool 1: Miss Maryellen & Miss Lorena & Miss Christine
  • PreSchool1 E-mail:  theexplorersofmetronorth@yahoo.com
PreK1: Mr. Jeremy & Miss Linda & Miss Jennifer
  •  PreK1 E-mail:  mnclc_dragonflies@yahoo.com
PreK2: Miss Barbara & Miss Cathy 

  •  PreK2 E-mail:  clcprek_two@yahoo.com

School Age Program Staff:
Miss KayKay - KaylenH.clc@gmail.com
Miss Julie - Jstegel@gmail.com
Miss Alex-
Miss Lauren-
Mr. Tyler-
Mr. Marcell-

(If you have any questions for any of the school age staff that do not have e-mails listed please feel free to e-mail Amanda, or you can talk to the teacher in person at pick-up.)  

595 Broadway
Main Phone Number: 781-480-4121             Fax: 781-324-3578

Early Childhood Classrooms:
PreSchool 2: Miss Mary & Miss Rachel 
  • PreSchool2 E-mail:  clcpreschool2@yahoo.com

PreK3: Miss Nefira & Miss Robyn & Miss Brianna
  • PreK3 E-mail:  clcpresschool2@yahoo.com 


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